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Dog Park at O.M.W.

The Dog Park at O.M.W.

Dog Park in Williamsburg, Iowa

Grab your four-legged fashionista and head to Outlets & Marketplace Williamsburg! The Dog Park at O.M.W. is NOW OPEN! 

This fenced-green space is located near the Famous Footwear Outlet and is open free of charge to our furry friends and their owners.

After enjoying a play session in the park, head over to shop for your favorite name brands. Most Outlets & Marketplace Williamsburg retailers are pet-friendly!  Just look for the paw print on the window to see which retailers welcome pets.

Rules and Regulations

Outlets & Marketplace Williamsburg and its affiliates are not responsible for injury or damage; enjoy at your own risk.
  • Dog owner/s must be 18 years or older.
  • Dogs must be current on all veterinary recommended vaccinations.
  • Dogs may run off leash and under voice control – children may not – especially in the confined area of the dog park.
  • Dogs and children must be accompanied at all times – do not leave either without supervision. We will find you.
  • Discourage barking, digging, aggressive or rough play; kindly remove dogs that may get overly excited.
  • Poops – well they happen – kindly clean up after your dog (we even provide bags and receptacle).
  • Do not feed your dog in the confined area of the dog park.
  • Remember – off leash does not mean out of control.

BE RESPONSIBLE & enjoy the Outlets & Marketplace Williamsburg Dog Park

In case of emergency:  Dial 9.1.1